Social Event Recap- ‘Snowpiercer’ film screening, climate change, and class inequalities

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Poster for Film Screening of Snowpiercer

In February 2019 we run our fist social event, a free screening of Bong Joon-Ho’s masterpiece Snowpiercer (2013). The film is an allegory about possible future life in the post-climate collapse environment, imagining a frozen world in which the remaining human beings reproduce the class structure of the pre-apocalyptic world.

The screening attracted a wider range of participants than our other activities, which suggests further possibilities to how we will proceed with various eco-related activities in the future. The experience bodes well with our intention to diversify further our activities to attract as many different people as possible.

Discussion showed how deeply the audience had engaged with the main themes of the movie. It covered topics such marxism, conspiracy theories, fairy-tales and storytelling techniques to further fake news, uses of parody, and the technofantasy of a possible human solution to the problem global warming. 

Many thanks to the coordinators of the Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio in the Faculty of English, a wonderful space where we could enjoy a real cinema.