Exhibition Recap – EcoFiction in the English Faculty Library

By Caitlin Carr, English Faculty Library

Last term in the English Faculty library’s exhibition room, I wanted to create a space for thinking about the environment in and through literature. Nature writing has a legacy in the pastoral, which is often seen as apolitical, escaping into the natural world as a simpler, more beautiful alternative to reality. But nature is an increasingly political subject, and a new nature writing is emerging which is ecologically minded and systemically connected – a cultural move towards an ‘ecology of mind’ to use Rob Macfarlane’s phrase.

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Social Event Recap- ‘Snowpiercer’ film screening, climate change, and class inequalities

ecofiction posters lent 2019_page_2
Poster for Film Screening of Snowpiercer

In February 2019 we run our fist social event, a free screening of Bong Joon-Ho’s masterpiece Snowpiercer (2013). The film is an allegory about possible future life in the post-climate collapse environment, imagining a frozen world in which the remaining human beings reproduce the class structure of the pre-apocalyptic world. Continue reading “Social Event Recap- ‘Snowpiercer’ film screening, climate change, and class inequalities”